Michael Lohan Has Warrant Out for His Arrest

October 31, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan Has Warrant Out for His Arrest

Michael Lohan is currently held without bond in Tampa for his arrest last Thursday, but we’re finding out that the celebridad also has a warrant out for his arrest if he steps foot in New York City, Nassau County or Suffolk County.

Lohan has an illegitimate child living in Montana that he isn’t paying child support to.

This time last year a woman from Montana won an uncontested judgment for child support from Lohan and was issued in Suffolk County, NY. Lohan claims he made the child support payment on time but was a day late paying the second installment of support. It’s a year later and the warrant is still outstanding.

What’s worse? The fact that Lohan will be arrested on sight if he shows up in NYC or the fact that there are more Lohan spawn out there that we don’t know about?

Lohan already was served child support payments by Dina Lohan, now this warrant, and he’s currently in custody for allegedly assaulting his ex girlfriend.

No wonder he forgot to pay his child support. With his amount of legal problems you need a to-do list to keep track of it all. 1) Give money to my baby momma 2) Give money to my ex-wife 3) Fight with my ex-girlfriend 4) Go to jail.

For now the warrant doesn’t matter so much, he’s already arrested for making threatening phone calls to his ex-girlfriend Kate Major, less than 12 hours after getting arrested for charges of domestic violence against the same Kate Major.

Major claims Lohan turned violent on her in her Tampa apartment when she refused to perform a certain “sex act” on him.

When he appeared in a court hearing last week, the judge Walter Heinrich ordered Lohan to stay far away from Major, saying, “If you even dream about [Major] and you violate my order, you will go to jail.”

And just when Michael thought his last safe place was his dreams…he goes and calls Major several times, getting himself arrested again. Lohan to Major: I had a dream about you…wait, do you hear sirens too? Dammit.

Father Lohan isn’t the only Lohan with legal woes. Lindsay will appear in court again on Wednesday for the judge to decide if she violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program.

And Lindsay is set to agree with this, meaning she’s going to own up about getting kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center and violating her probation and just hopes that her work at the County Morgue is enough to please Judge Sautner.

Lindsay is going to court with proof that she worked 24 hours of service at the morgue, more than the 16 hours she was required to do. Ya hear that!? Lindsay sacrificed one whole extra day of work! One whole day! Do you know how many parties Lindsay could have gotten kicked out of in that amount of time?! She’s sacrificing a lot!