Michael Lohan Has Another Message

December 28, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Has Another Message

Yesterday, we posted a blog about Michael Lohan yapping about Lindsay and Sam yet again. He must have gotten a lot of heat in the comments section because he has blogged once to make sure everyone knows that his blog is not about Lindsay and Sam.

Below is an excerpt from the blog:

"After reviewing some of the comments on this blog and even others, let me say that this website is NOT about Lindsay or Samantha. I have no intention of disclosing any information or feelings I may have about either one of them unless it is in defense of what they or one of their "mouthpieces" might say about me. If in fact, one of their "sources", so called "friends" or "spokespersons" have something to say about me, then I guess we will just have to open up discussion on them as well."

Chances are that every single blog is gonna at least have 1 mention of Lindsay's name. That's just Michael Lohan!