Michael Lohan Found Someone To Fight

October 15, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Found Someone To Fight

Lindsay Lohan's father is about to get his butt kicked - and it's all in the name of charity.

As we had previously reported, Michael Lohan sent out a challenge to anyone willing to pay up claiming that he'd get into a boxing ring with them. He tried to get Kevin Federline and even Perez Hilton to join him, but no such luck.

Some rich guy stepped up to the plate and the match is now officially set for November 24th at the Hilton Long Island in Melville.

Proceeds from the event will go directly to Fight For Charity. The unlucky bidder who shelled out $20,000 is Robert Venero, president and CEO of Future Tech Enterprise.

He is also supposedly planning to purchase 50 seats (at $150 each) for his guests. Do you think he bought them to guarantee that at least 50 people would show up?