Michael Lohan: Every Other Thing Out of Dina's Mouth is a Lie!

April 10, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Every Other Thing Out of Dina's Mouth is a Lie!

And the Lohan family drama continues! Michael Lohan is blasting his ex wife Dina Lohan insisting that "every other thing out of her mouth are lies."

Michael has been very verbal about wanting his daughter Lindsay Lohan back in rehab, but Dina keeps insisting she's "fine," and that Michael needs to stay out of her life. Someone has to give a damn Dina! If it's not you, it has to be Michael.

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"How can they say Dina is "very concerned" when all along she said Lindsay is "fine," Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY.

He added, "Read her own past and recent quotes! This, along with every other thing out of her mouth are lies. Then, she talks about "not airing family issues" and "some things are private," If so, why does she air lies about my relationship with my children, child support and more?"

And Michael is convinced Dina asks various media outlets to bash him and make him look bad. "Then on top of it, she and "others" have their cronies submit even more lies and horrible comments about me on blogs and comments."

Lindsay Lohan's Friends: She Needs Rehab Bad

If Dina truly believes Lindsay is "just fine," then Dina needs an intervention just as bad as Lindsay does. That girl is on a downward spiral and refuses to acknowledge the fact that she needs help. Hope Dina comes to her senses, because at this point, she's the only one Lindsay will listen to.