Michael Lohan Dishes On Lindsay’s Arrest

September 19, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan Dishes On Lindsay’s Arrest

We turn now to an expert in LiLo’s life…

Lindsay’s father is weighing in on the new drama in her life. Michael Lohan - the man that the actress reportedly called for during her arrest - is speaking out with some insider details.

Hollyscoop has been in touch with the Lohan patriarch who was glad that he could offer support in his daughter’s time of need.

“I guess Dina was wrong about my relationship with her,” he says. “I love her, I will always be there for her."

He continues, “At the end of the day is all I can say is – again - I am so happy that she had confidence in me!”

According to celebrity news site TMZ, Lindsay called for Michael as she was taken into custody, yelling, "Call my dad! Call my dad!"

Lindsay was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday for striking a pedestrian in with her Porsche SUV at the Dream Hotel in New York City.
She was later arrested and booked for the misdemeanor charge of fleeing the scene of a crime.

Despite conflicting reports that alcohol was involved, Michael assures us that she was “NOT drinking.”

While Michael was not with Lindsay at the time of the accident, he tells Hollyscoop that both her assistant Gavin Doyle and their lawyer, Ben Pietra were there for her.

Lindsay has since come out, claiming she thinks she is a victim of a setup...

An investigation is currently underway as to whether or not her car actually hit the pedestrian.