Michael Lohan: Dina's Lies Make Me Want to Vomit

April 8, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Dina's Lies Make Me Want to Vomit

Michael Lohan is sick and tired of his ex-wife Dina Lohan bad-mouthing him to the press and making him out to be a monster of a father.

Dina recently said that her children don't speak to Michael and want nothing to do with him, but he's setting the record straight on Hollyscoop.

Dina Lohan: Lindsay Has a Team Surrounding Her

Michael thinks Dina is in denial about how bad Lindsay needs help. In regards to Dina claiming to have a "team" of people surrounding Lindsay, Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "A Team!? I don't see my kids!? Child support!? Who owns who!?

"I am so tired of my ex wife (Dina's) lies it almost makes me want to, as Lindsay put it, VOMIT! All Dina talks about is how well Lindsay’s doing, all the work she doing, the great team Dina has around Lindsay and child support."

He continued, "What she fails to mention is that she owes me and my family $125,000 and my partners $400,000 plus interest. Not only do we have judgements, but contractors have judgements as well. And now she even owes the landscapers almost $10,000. So why is it that Dina continues to point the finger at others and always cast the blame? Why is Dina never wrong?

Michael Lohan and Kate Major Trying for a Baby

Michael wants to make sure the world knows that he and his children are on good terms, besides Lindsay of course. He sarcastically said, "I guess I don't see or talk to my kids, do I? Not to mention seeing Mike, Ali and Cody a week ago at Dina’s ( my old house) house."

Instead of bad-mouthing the father of her children, Dina needs to come to her senses and accept the fact that Lindsay needs professional help. Her life has spiraled so out of control, she can't even land a job!