Michael Lohan: Dina Is A Bad Example To Lindsay – I Feel Sorry For Her!

September 14, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan: Dina Is A Bad Example To Lindsay – I Feel Sorry For Her!

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina Lohan is set to appear in an exclusive Dr. Phil interview next week and from the just-released promo for the episode, she looks like she’s had one too many pre-show drinks, if you know what I mean?

Michael Lohan appears in the same episode to weigh in on his ex-wife’s behavior and tells Dr. Phil, “was she drinking before she did your interview?”


Dina insists she wasn’t drunk in the interview and Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop exclusively what he really meant with that comment.

“I haven’t seen the full interview yet, but from what I have seen and Dina’s comments that [the interview] was ‘doctored,’ I really think it’s sad and I feel sorry for Dina!”

These exes are notoriously at war with one another, but obviously they hold Lindsay’s best interest at heart. Or that’s what Michael tells us:

“Over the last 7 years Dina has come to such a bad place!” says Michael, “The people she surrounds herself are no better that Lindsay, so what kind of an example is that?”

“[Dina] just needs to be honest with herself and others. Only then will her heart get right and our children will find peace!” Michael gushes to Hollyscoop.

To find out how the drama unfolds (“doctored” or not), Dina will appear on Dr. Phil on Monday, September 17.