Michael Lohan De-friends Jon Gosselin

October 30, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan De-friends Jon Gosselin

Michael Lohan has decided to de-friend Jon Gosselin. Apparently their tight friendship had to come to an end after Michael became displeased with the way Jon had been acting towards women.

Lohan tells RadarOnline the friendship is over because of Gosselin’s increasingly “secret, distant” behavior and the way he treated Lohan’s close friend and former Star reporter, Kate Major.

Michael said in a statement, “Jon Gosselin sought a safe haven at my Southampton home through a dear family friend, Kate Major. When they arrived at my home it seemed that they were very close. After sharing an upstairs guest room I assumed things were intimate between them and questioned Kate.”

Michael also claims Jon told Kate to quit her job and Star, and even told her he’d hire her! To do what, we don’t know. Michael continued, saying he was even involved in possibly representing Jon, but was eventually cut out of the deal.

“As of late, contracts have been breached, legal ethics violations have ensued and Jon has become a different person than I thought he was,” Michael said.

Sounds like just another thing for him to complain about! But you know you’re shady when even Michael Lohan won’t be your friend!