Michael Lohan Blames Dina & Court for Lindsay's Early Release

August 16, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Blames Dina & Court for Lindsay's Early Release

Michael Lohan is furious with the fact that Lindsay Lohan may be getting out of rehab well before her curt-ordered 90 days. In fact, Hollyscoop reported earlier today that she could be released as early as this week from rehab!

Michael thinks it’s atrocious, and blames not only his ex-wife Dina Lohan, but the court as well. He tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that Dina should be signing up for family therapy at UCLA, where Lindsay is being treated.

“Why in the world didn’t the court listen?” Michael tells us. “I am so saddened that Dina and the system are taking this so lightly.”

He surprisingly admits that he knows Dina genuinely loves their children. “But,” he says, “love involves the truth, and dealing with our children’s issues as a parent. Putting our foot down and doing what's best for them, not us.”

Michael also says he should be a part of Lindsay’s life right now. “I pray Dina gets this and realizes that Lindsay needs the balance and security of knowing and having both parents there for her like we were through the best times of her life,” he says.

But Michael still has some faith in the court. He hopes the new judge, judge Fox, won’t release Lindsay early, like is being reported. He tells us, “If Judge Fox release her without having her gone through formal therapy, when she relapses, it's on him!”

We have to agree with Michael on this one. What’s the harm in having Lindsay stay in rehab longer to ensure she’s actually healing? It seems like enough time hasn’t gone by for her to really change.