Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence

October 25, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence

Michael Lohan was arrested late last night on domestic violence charges. Lindsay Lohan’s famous father was arrested in Tampa, Florida around 1:00am this morning after a fight broke out in an apartment.

Apparently Michael Lohan was at the home of his ex-girlfriends house, Kate Major, who claims Michael started to beat her last night when she wouldn’t give him a bl-w job.

Apparently Michael was at her home yelling at her about an upcoming domestic violence court appearance, because this isn’t the first time he’s threatened her. In March, Lohan was arrested in Los Angeles for holding Major against her will, prohibiting her from calling 911, and attempting to choke her.

So they were arguing about that and somehow in the midst of all that he managed to also demand her to perform oral sex, to which she denied.

Major tells TMZ how Lohan pushed her several times and then he told her that he would “slit both his wrist and her wrist. He also threatened to throw her off the balcony.”

He also tried to throw a remote control at her but missed and smashed her cellphone instead. How did she call 911? Maybe it was a neighbor. Thanks, citizen heroes!

However, when police showed up to arrest him, he complained of having chest pains and was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital. He later checked himself out and was put under arrest and booked at Hillsborough County Jail.

Kate Major, the woman identified as the victim, is a former journalist for Star magazine and apparently was engaged to Michael but ended things when he assaulted her back in March. Weird fact about Kate Major, she also dated Jon Gosselin. As in Jon Gosselin, Ed Hardy’s poster child and the dead beat dad from “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” So not exactly a dating history Kate Major can be proud of.

Also, last July Kate claims that Michael attacked her in their home in Southhampton, New York, claiming he threw her off a chair and kicked her in the face during an argument.

Just this month, Kate was granted a 3rd temporary restraining order on Michael Lohan because he has been sending her incessant phone calls and texts claiming to “ruin her career.”

The order was granted and apparently Michael has to stay at least 500 ft from Kate. Guess he wasn’t listening. I wonder how this violation of his restraining order will also affect his battery charges? This is probably what they were arguing about last night.

At the time, Michael said, “This is just another way of Kate trying to make money.”

He does know that Kate doesn’t get paid to take out a restraining order that might help save her life? Right?