Lindsay Going to AA Meetings with Dad

January 17, 2011 By:
Lindsay Going to AA Meetings with Dad

Michael Lohan wants everyone to know Lindsay Lohan hasn't fallen off the wagon--yet.

Lindsay is trying her best to stay under the radar post rehab (aside from that one trip to the bar last weekend), and according to Michael she's back in AA and doing her best to stay sober.

"We went to an AA meeting last night then went home and had a quiet night," Michael told HOLLYSCOOP at the Hospitality Suite at the Nivea For Men Mansion, hosted by Pascal Mouawad in celebration of the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Saturday.

"She changed back to the girl she used to be," Michael told HS. "When she was at her best--literally. She's done a 180 and I'm very proud of her."

When asked how he feels about her living on her own in Venice compared to living in Hollywood he told HS, "I don't think it matters where someone lives because you're going to find the elements of addiction, the wrong people, and places no matter where you are."

Lindsay is collaborating with Pascal Mouawad on a new jewelry collection and Michael thinks only "positive things are coming out from this."

Hopefully Lindsay stays on the right track, we'd love to see her have her long awaited comeback.