Lindsay and Michael Kiss and Make-Up

September 5, 2008 By:
Lindsay and Michael Kiss and Make-Up

Just in case anyone cares, Michael Lohan and his daughter Lindsay Lohan have buried the hatchet after a very public feud.

Michael Lohan told E! News
that the war of words is over and the two will be reuniting at the burial of his father. Lindsay did not attend the funeral service but according to Michael she will be at the burial.

"She is going to be at the burial," Michael said. "All my kids will be there."

Oh wait there’s more! This week he has decided to praise his ex-wife saying, "And I can't believe how great Dina has been…She has been wonderful. She has been the woman I married. She has been great."

After praising Dina, he went back to talking about his daughter Lindsay a little more. "Lindsay is my daughter. Nothing will ever separate a father's love from his kids. And that is all that matters. No one will ever change that."

Well there you have it folks! The war of words is over so we can all carry on living our lives.