Michael Jordan Engaged to Yvette Prieto

December 30, 2011 By:
Michael Jordan Engaged to Yvette Prieto

Add this to the ever-expanding list of celebrities getting engaged recently. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is engaged to his girlfriend of three years Yvette Prieto.

Jordan proposed to Prieto over the Holidays, because that’s romantic, or whatever, but honestly, everyone is getting engaged (Matthew McConaughey, Steven Tyler, John Legend – this week alone!) wasn’t Jordan worried he would be outshined by his younger, more relevant celeb brethren? Oh who am I kidding, Michael Jordan has a shoe named after him. Show me the ring, girl!

His rep confirmed the engagement, making this Jordan’s second wedding after divorcing wife Juanita Vanoy in 2006 after a 17-year-marriage that resulted in the most expensive divorce in history, costing him over $150 million in the settlement.

Yvette Prieto is a model, and I know that a lot of wives and girlfriends of athletes are described as “models” because they are pretty and maybe one-time modeled a fleece jacket in a Sears catalog, but I think that Prieto is an actual model, she reportedly walked in a show for designer Alexander Wang.

She also once dated Julio Iglesias, pop star Enrique Iglesias’s older brother.

The couple have been together for three years and live together in Jordan’s Miami home.

Jordan has three kids with his ex-wife: Jeffrey Michael, 23, Marcus James, 21, and Jasmine, 19.