This Is It Top DVD and Blu-ray Sales

February 4, 2010 By:
This Is It Top DVD and Blu-ray Sales

Even after his death, Michael Jackson cannot be beat! Michael Jackson's This Is It has debuted at the top of the DVD sales charts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film featuring The King of Pop in his last days of rehearsal has sold 1.2 million copies, which is a record for a music DVD.

This Is It debuted atop the Blu-ray sales charts as well, with an impressive 21% of the units sold. It came in third to Surrogates and The Invention of Lying on the list of DVD rentals. But that’s probably just because everyone wanted to own a copy rather than rent it!

This Is It was also released in Japan and beat expectations there as well. Sony Pictures mounted a huge publicity campaign in support of the release, including a YouTube video of Filipino prisoners dancing to two Jackson songs from the film that generated more than 3 million hits.

Have you gone out to get your copy yet??