Watch Michael Jackson's Memorial Live!

July 7, 2009 By:
Watch Michael Jackson's Memorial Live!

Michael Jackson's memorial service is underway, and if you can't witness the historical event in person, you can view the service here live! Hollyscoop is at the memorial live blogging among thousands of Michael fans. The atmosphere is somber for the most part, but everyone seems happy to be there.

9:25AM: Michael's casket is being escorted to Staples Center.
9:36AM: Programs are being handled out. The back cover reads: ”To the world, Michael is an icon. To me, he is family. You will forever live in all of our hearts. I miss you Mike and I love you. –Dunk” (Dunk is Janet Jackson's nickname from Michael).
9:47AM: First 20 rows are friends and family. The Kardashian sisters also just arrived to Staples center, along with Earth Wind and Fire.
9:48AM: Michael's casket just arrived to the Staples center, trying to make its way inside the Staples Center.
9:51AM: John Mayer just arrived and took his seat in the VIP area. He's wearing a suit, looking very serious.
9:56AM: Announcements made for everyone to take their seats, ceremony is about to begin. Tyrese also just made his way to the VIP section.
9:59AM: Magic Johnson just walked in, taking his seat in the VIP area. Smokey Robinson, Barry Gordin and Mini Me just arrived.
10:03AM: Kobe Bryant just walked in with his wife Vanessa. Everyone is screaming for him.
10:04AM: Hearse just left Staples Center empty. Service is about to begin. Larry King just walked in as well.
10:12AM: Musicians are taking the stage, the show is about to start.
10:15AM: Smokey Robinson on stage reading condolence letters from friends and family.
10:21AM: A very pregnant Jennifer Hudson just took her seat. She looks gorgeous in a white dress. Lionel Richie just sat down next to Hudson. Prince also just made his way to his seat.
10:22AM: Family just arrived and took their seats.
10:24AM: P. Diddy and Brett Ratner just arrived and took their seats.
10:35AM: Choir just took the stage to start the show.
10:36AM: Casket of Michael Jackson just arrived on the stage. Pastor Lucious Smith, a family friend, is speaking about Michael.
10:42AM: Mariah Carey just took the stage to sing 'I'll Be There'. She was joined by Trey Lorenz.
10:47AM: Queen Latifah on stage talking about Michael's influence on the world of music. "You believed in Michael, and Michael believed in you...Michael was the biggest star on Earth."
10:52AM: Lionel Richie on stage singing 'Jesus Is Love'.
10:56AM: Berry Gordy, Jr., founder of Motown Records, on stage speaking about Michael and Jackson 5. All the Jackson brothers are dressed the same, in Versace suits, wearing replicas of Michael's infamous single white glove.
11:02AM: Fans in the audience are crying over the touching ceremony.
11:05AM: Berry Gordy, Jr. calls Michael the "Greatest Entertainer that Ever Lived," which prompted a standing ovation.
11:06AM: Montage of Michael's greatest moments playing on the big screen.
11:09AM: Stevie Wonder just got to the stage. "This is a moment I wish I never lived to see," he said, as he sat on the piano. "As much as we needed Michael, God must have needed him more," he added. He's singing a special song he wrote for Michael.
11:17AM: Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson just took the stage to say a few words about Michael.
11:20AM: Magic is reminiscing on the time he ate Kentucky Fried Chicken on the floor of Michael's home while they discussed Magic being in his video 'Remember the Time'.
11:21AM: Camera shows Michael's children sitting with his mother Katherine, whom Magic just called "The greatest Grandmother of all time."
11:23AM: Jennifer Hudson just took the stage to sing 'Will You Be There'.

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