Tito: Michael's Kids Are 100% His!

July 16, 2009 By:
Tito: Michael's Kids Are 100% His!

Tito Jackson is sick and tired of the rumors surrounding his brother Michael Jackson's children and whether or not he was the biological father and is hoping to put the false reports to rest once and for all.

Tito told the Daily Mirror, “They are all his children. Blanket is Michael’s, I can tell. Those eyes don’t lie. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him.”

Tito said it was ridiculous so many people question Michael as the biological parent just because the children have such light skins. “Paris and Prince are Michael’s children. Yes they are. Just because they look white doesn’t mean they are not his.

He added, “I have an uncle who is married to a white girl and they have three kids. Two of them are white and one is black."

Just to make sure he was being crystal clear he added one more time, “They are all Michael’s children. Prince looks just like my grandfather. There’s no question they are Michael’s. They are 100% his."

There have been so many conflicting reports about Michael's children and who the biological parent is that we're having a hard time keeping track of all the kids alleged parents. Who do you believe?