Stars Recall Favorite Michael Jackson Memories

June 25, 2010 By:
Stars Recall Favorite Michael Jackson Memories

On the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, we’re all looking back with sadness for the great loss, but with joy of the memories we’ll always have of the King of Pop.

Hollyscoop spoke with some celebrities who shared with us their reaction to Michael’s death, as well as their favorite memories of him. A few others Twittered their thoughts today, like Mariah Carey.

She wrote: "Watching 'You are not alone'..Love and Prayers to MJ 'King of Pop.' You will be remembered forever. We miss you.”

Justin Bieber tweeted: “1 year ago 2day we lost the greatest entertainer that was and will ever be...Michael Jackson...he will be missed but never forgotten. RIP MJ.”

Michelle Williams tweeted: “Rest in Peace....To The Greatest....There Will Never Be Another.....Michael Jackson!!”

Celebrities React to Michael Jackson's Death

Here are some other celebs’ reactions EXCLUSIVE on Hollyscoop:

One Tree Hill’s Robert Buckley on where he was when he heard the news: “I think I was driving. I was in LA traffic driving home. It was very saddening.”

Buckley’s favorite memory: “Thriller.”

Gossip Girl’s Michelle Trachtenberg on where she was: “Oh my goodness, I don’t remember what I did last week so that is a little difficult.”

Trachtenberg’s favorite memory: “I think we all rocked out to ‘Thriller’ at one point in time.”

Maria Menounos on where she was: “I was getting a massage when I got up and saw my text. My jaw dropped and I emailed by boss to see if it was for real or if they were just kidding.”

Menounos’ favorite memory: “My favorite memory I think was growing up, my older cousins were big fans of MJ. My mom got an MJ doll for my cousin on her birthday. Everyone would put on the glove on and they would do the whole dance and it was fun.”

DJ Cassidy: “My dream collaboration was MJ who passed away a year ago.”

Devon Aoki on how Michael has affected her life: “I have been a MJ fan since I can remember. I don’t know one person that isn’t. He particularly affected my life tremendously as I grew up in London and he was someone who…. people in England love MJ. I would sort of wait for his music videos to come out. I remember ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’ and all those old school music videos. I remember when ‘Butterflies’ came out and I remember I loved that song so much. I had a crush on this guy and I remember sitting with him and he started singing ‘Butterflies’ to me. That is a great MJ memory. Obviously it’s a huge loss, his passing and I think he stood for something. I think he stood for love, compassion and understanding, awaresnes.. I think he affected people and changed peoples lives. And I think that is what his mission was. I think we can all learn a lot from him and his life and the example he set.”

RIP Michael.