Sony to Host Global Premieres of This Is It Movie

September 22, 2009 By:
Sony to Host Global Premieres of This Is It Movie

To add to the hype of the upcoming Michael Jackson movie This Is It, Sony has decided to roll out the red carpet around the world. The studio will host over 25 global premieres, with 15 of them being simultaneously coordinated, on Tuesday October 27th.

Jeff Blake, chairman of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures said in a statement, "Michael Jackson has an army of fans everywhere around the world. By rolling out this film with simultaneous premieres and special advance screenings on October 27th, we are giving audiences an incredible opportunity to join together in celebration of Michael Jackson's incredible career.”

Cities participating in the premieres are: New York, Rio De Janeiro, London, Berlin, Johannesburg, and Seoul, who will host events simultaneously, with red carpet arrivals and activities from the Los Angeles gala broadcast by satellite to those cities. Other cities, including Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, and many others will host their own, non-simultaneous premiere activities.

The film's world gala will be in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on Tuesday, October 27. That event begins at 6pm. Three hours after the worldwide celebration of the motion picture, the first public screenings of the film will begin. For example, the first audiences in Los Angeles will see the film at 9pm; in New York, audiences will have the opportunity to see the film at midnight; and in London, the advance screenings will be at 4am UK time.

This is all so serious! Can you imagine those poor Michael Jackson fans who will have to stay up all night for a screening at 4AM? But it’s for Michael Jackson, so we can expect nothing less!