Secret FBI Files About Michael Jackson to be Released

December 21, 2009 By:
Secret FBI Files About Michael Jackson to be Released

Over 300 pages of super secretive FBI files surrounding Michael Jackson's death and child molestation charges are set to be released within the next two days.

Half of the 679-page document, which contains information about his 1993 and 2004 child molestation investigations will reportedly be declassified this week. The documents will also explore his recent death.

A source said: “People are still questioning many things about the private life of this secretive pop star. Michael was an enigma and lived in riches and a lifestyle unlike anyone since Elvis Presley.

“This dossier is an incredibly important key to understanding what happened behind closed doors, and may help the world better understand Michael.”

Most of the 379 pages that will remain classified are the information surrounding his death, as his death is reportedly still under investigation.

Sounds like Michael's worst nightmare come true. He's already passed away, we should just let him rest in peace! Do you think its necessary to release these documents?


TMZ reports: The 333 pages of formerly-classified documents were supposed to be released today but the snow in Washington D.C. has caused a delay of at least one day.