Rev. Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson Address Funeral Details

June 29, 2009 By:
Rev. Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson Address Funeral Details

Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Jackson's father Joe just held a press conference in regards to Michael's sudden death, child custody, the Will and funeral arrangements.

"The entire Jackson family have really been expressing how gratified they are about the outpouring support from around the world for the love of Michael and love of his family," said Rev. Al Sharpton.

"It is the determination of the family to be careful and deliberate on how they plan his celebration of life. Because we're talking about a historic figure who changed the pop culture of the world.

"They are still grieving…we were glad last night that some of us were able to get Mr. Jackson to go out to the BET awards to see the love of the people. Michael would have wanted his family to continue his work," added Rev. Al Sharpton.

Rev. Al Sharpton went on to promote Joe Jackson's new record company, and his new client, which was tasteless and totally unnecessary.

"I established a record company…we have a lot of good artists we're pitching to come out," said Joe. He claimed that Michael would want his father to continue working in the world of music
on his behalf.

Michael has expressed his dislike for his father for years, so we doubt he would want his father to represent him after his passing.

When asked about funeral arrangements Joe Jackson said, "We're not ready for that," adding, "I want to see how the second autopsy comes out."

"I'm expecting to hear back those results real soon," he added about the second private autopsy.

In regards to Michael's funeral, which is set for this Wednesday, Joe said, "We don’t have the time frame yet, I want to see how his autopsy is coming out." He also added that the funeral would most likely be private, but hinted that there is still a possibility of a public ceremony.

When asked if Joe had seen Michael's Will, he said, "No, not yet."

When asked how Michael's mother is going, he said "She's fine," as he let out a chuckle. Touching on the custody battle, he added, "We're the parents, we love those kids…we're going to take care of them."

Did you happen to catch the press conference? What were your thoughts? Was it tasteless or appropriate?