Report: Michael Jackson Administered His Own Drugs

April 5, 2010 By:
Report: Michael Jackson Administered His Own Drugs

Dr. Conrad Murray is set to take the stand once more in connection to Michael Jackson's death, and he's planning on telling the judge that MJ would often administer his own drugs.

Murray and his lawyers claim MJ is one that would often inject himself with Propofol. But he confessed to injecting him with "a small dose" of 25 milligrams the day Michael passed away.

TMZ wrote: "Los Angeles County Coroner's investigators took a picture in the room, showing an empty Propofol bottle on the floor, underneath the nightstand by Jackson's bed.

"The defense will argue Jackson grabbed the bottle from the nightstand, injected himself and then dropped the bottle."

Last week one of MJ's bodyguards, Alberto Alvarez, claimed Murray stopped CPR in order to hide bottles of Propofol. There's also a big discrepancy in between the time 911 was called, and when Murray claims MJ went unconscious.

Murray is definitely looking super guilty right now, all these excuses just don't add up. His trial is set to continue throughout the next couple of months. Do you think he's guilty? Or could MJ have administered his own lethal injection?