Psycologists Slam Jacksons for Letting Paris Speak at Memorial

July 8, 2009 By:
Psycologists Slam Jacksons for Letting Paris Speak at Memorial

Paris Jackson’s 20 second statement at her father’s memorial yesterday was one of the most memorable moments of the event. In the next few years, people will still likely be talking about her tearful goodbye to her father Michael Jackson.

But child psychologists have come forward to express their disagreement with young Paris taking the stage, saying the sudden media attention could be “potentially very traumatic.”

It was common knowledge that Michael tried as best he could to shield his three children from the paparazzi, even having them cover their faces when out in public. We rarely saw them in the tabloids, and certainly never heard any of them speak.

Child psychologist Linda Blair thinks the Jackson family made a poor judgment in allowing Paris to speak. She says, "To be thrust into the limelight as Paris was is potentially very traumatic. This is a girl who has been shielded from the media her whole life. When a child is in shock, as Paris still will be from her father's death, the most important thing is to keep everything as normal as possible. But the opposite has happened here."

"The world has rarely seen Paris' face and has never heard her talk. But here she was making a speech to billions of people across the world. She is completely unused to speaking on stage. But here she was speaking on the biggest stage possible."

"In times like this logic goes out the window, so you can't blame the family for letting her do it. But they certainly made a bad judgment."

Yesterday, the show’s producer Ken Erlich told reporters Paris’ speech wasn’t planned. Janet was expected to take the stage to speak on her bother’s behalf, but Paris ended up wanting to talk. Urlich also said the show was put together so quickly, that a lot of it wasn’t necessarily planned, but ended up coming together perfectly.

What do you think of Paris’ heartfelt speech? Do you think it was a good idea, or will this be bad for Paris in the long run?