Neverland to Relocate to Vegas?

August 7, 2009 By:
Neverland to Relocate to Vegas?

The fate of Neverland Ranch has been up in the air since Michael Jackson’s death. But now we hear the estate may be dug up and moved to a more tourist-friendly place: Las Vegas.

Sources tell E! News that Neverland’s current owner has drafted plans to move Neverland from Santa Barbara to the desert, and make it into a tourist attraction, must like Elvis Presley’s Graceland which is located in Memphis..

The source says, "The idea is to take physically everything that's not part of the dirt and reassemble it in Las Vegas.”

The new space would include a museum, theater and, pending approval from the family, a burial plot for Jackson's body where fans could pay their respects to the fallen star.

Michael G. Dave, a California probate attorney, says that it would only require the go-ahead of estate executors John McClain and John Branca to begin digging.

Sources say it would cost millions for the relocation, but that would quickly be restored with the amount of tourists guaranteed to visit every year.

Michael Jackson stopped going to Neverland Ranch after the child molestation case in 2003. After the trial he owed a lot of money on the ranch which is why on May 12, 2008, a foreclosure auction for the ranch was canceled after an investment company, Colony Capital LLC who purchased the loan. Michael was just turned off by the ranch because of the child molestation accusations.

Do you think Michael’s Neverland should be moved to the Vegas strip?