More Stars & Colleagues React to Michael Jackson's Death

June 29, 2009 By:
More Stars & Colleagues React to Michael Jackson's Death

Since Michael Jackson’s death, dozens of celebrities have been sharing their thoughts on the man who made such an impact on the music industry.

Hollyscoop talked exclusively with some celebrities on the red carpet of the 22nd Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards to hear their reaction to Michael’s untimely death.

R&B singer Melody Thornton expressed her deep sorrow after hearing the news. She told Hollyscoop exclusively, “I had a pretty crazy reaction. I had to get picked up by our manager and taken home and couldn't drive.... Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey are my 2 favorite artists if all time. It's been hard, it's been tough.”

Though Melody never got the honor of meeting MJ, his music had a huge affect on her. She told us, “He is music.....that's what I remember...from the very beginning. He just represents such an amazing performer and when you think about all the things he did, choreographer, dancer, singer, producer...everything he did... You know songwriter...and then he just took off....because he applied himself...We worry about everybody's personal lives and we talk about musicians or entertainers in general...and he really gave his life.”

R&B singer Shanice was also at the event and told Hollyscoop it was because of Michael she was there. She said, “Part of the reason I came here tonight is because I had to get out of the house. I've been home crying, I've been a mess ever since I heard the news. I actually got to work with Michael, He did a song called Keep the Faith years ago and I sang background on it, so I got to work with him. He's such a warm great spirit. He was such a good person I would get so angry when people would say bad things about him.”

As for hit maker Ne-Yo, he told Hollyscoop exclusively that he’d been busy working on material with the King of Pop before he died. He said, “I mean I would have loved to see the album come out. I would have loved to finish that, but I feel that Michael Jackson has done enough music to basically live forever. He's an immortal human being. I was just happy to get the opportunity to work with him even for a second.”

Newly engaged The Dream and Christina Milian showed up on the red carpet, and each shared how Michael’s death has affected them personally.

The Dream told us, “Michael Jackson's departure from us has affected my whole family. We know what he meant and we know how many barriers he or white didn't matter with him. I think he made believers out of a lot of people no matter what color you were, that no matter what small of a place you come from, no matter how small of a person you are that you can be as big as you need to be.

"He was just such a huge star and I don't think he could be replaced. I just came off tour with Keyshia Cole and the funny thing was I was doing a rendition of Dirty Diana on my it's weird I just came off tour like a week ago and this happened.”

Christina told Hollyscoop of her reaction, saying, “I was saddened. I'm a huge fan of his like everybody else in the world. His legend will live on forever. I was hoping that some day my future children will be able to experience what I have by watching him growing up, but I definitely will bring his music on the way it's been passed on by my parent and their parents before Michael Jackson.”

Finally, Hollyscoop caught up with Australian Motown band Human Nature, who toured with Michael in Europe. They said, “We had an unbelievable opportunity to tour with him for our 50 shows so we've been huge fans of Michael so it's terrible that we lost him. We share a name with one of his songs. We didn't name ourself after the song, but we find ourselves singing it every now and then.”

They added: “We learned so much from him about how to put on a great show.”

We asked each of the stars what their favorite Michael Jackson song is, and here’s what each of them had to say.

Melody Thornton: “Billy Jean because he performed it on the AMA's and even when I listen to it I'm just in the car I know where the screams are and that performance he just came alive for me...he'd always been..but that's my favorite song and moment as well.”

Shanice: “Rock With You, Human Nature, Off the Wall, Thriller, Beat It. All of them pretty much.”

Ne-Yo: “Lady in My Life.”

The Dream: “Oh yeah I remember listening to Beat it while I was getting a whoopin... my momma was beating literally...not in a bad way…I'm sure I was doing something that needed it...”

Christina Milian: “Beat it...I love th