Michael's Spending Habits Revealed in Court Documents

May 26, 2009 By:
Michael's Spending Habits Revealed in Court Documents

We all know Michael Jackson has a huge spending problem, but thanks to new court documents, we now know what he was spending all his money on.

In new court documents filed by his ex-lawyer Raymone Bain, a ton of extravagant purchases done by Michael were revealed including $4 million spent on life size bronze status of children. Creepy.

In the court documents, Bain, who is suing Jackson for $44 million, claimed: “The magnitude of his spending is legendary as he has earned and dissipated several fortunes.

“Mr. Jackson’s pattern has been to spend to the brink of insolvency and then borrow against his assets to further feed his spending would give any other individual a moment of pause.

“Mr. Jackson exhibited and continues to exhibit impulsive and irresponsible spending habits without regard to the financial limits of his earnings.”

Despite the fact that Michael is broke and in a ton of debt, Bain is suing him for unpaid business earnings. "It's heartbreaking to have to file a lawsuit against someone whom I thought I knew so well," Bain had said when she first filed the lawsuit.

Michael's only hope for making money was going to come after he completed his summer tour, but that's been postponed as well.