Michael's Neverland Funeral Arrangements in the Works

June 30, 2009 By:
Michael's Neverland Funeral Arrangements in the Works

Funeral and memorial arrangements are already underway for Michael Jackson, which is set for this Friday.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department has already confirmed that Michael's body will be driven from Los Angeles to Neverland Ranch at 10 a.m. on Thursday and will be on display Friday afternoon.

"Our guys are meeting as we speak with the California Highway Patrol to discuss the security issues,” Lt. Butch Arnoldi, a department spokesman told E! news.

"Our role will primarily be traffic, but also crowd control," adds Arnoldi. "We will also be making sure there is no trespassing on neighboring ranches and stuff like that.

"We would be stationed on the perimeter of the house. The actual roadway will be the responsibility of the CHP."

A private memorial service is slated for Sunday, according to CNN. But it is still unknown where Michael will be buried, but his hometown of Gary, Ind. is hoping the family to send him there.

"I believe that his body will lie in state in Gary, Ind.," Gary Mayor Rudy Clay told Chicago radio station WGN Tuesday. "Now, it may not happen, but I believe it will."

Where do you think his body should be laid to rest? And what do you think the owners of Neverland Ranch should do with the property?