Michael's Kids To Appear in Reality Show

October 14, 2009 By:
Michael's Kids To Appear in Reality Show

The much-talked about upcoming reality show about the Jackson family is reportedly going to include Michael Jackson’s children! Us Weekly reports that Paris, Prince, and Blanketwill appear on the A&E series alongside their relatives, though not everyone is supportive of the decision.

Eldest sister Rebbie, 59, who has refused to be in the series called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, and says she "feels Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would be on this show."

On the flip side, Janet is reportedly all for it, and grandmother Katherine is just going along with everything. One thing is for sure, the producers are happy about so many Jacksons being a part of the show.

Executive producer Jodi Gomes said, "We have 23 cast members with the last name Jackson. They've done a great job opening up about losing a brother."

Do you think the kids should be a part of a reality show so soon after their father’s death?


Katherine Jackson apparently doesn’t want her grandchildren on the upcoming A&E reality show after all! She tells TMZ that she knows Michael would never want his kids to be on television, much less a reality show.

As you know, Michael always went to great lengths to make sure his kids were never photographed by the paparazzi. So Katherine will fulfill Michael’s wish by not letting the kids be part of the show.