Michael's Diva Demands

February 18, 2008 By:
Michael's Diva Demands

There was all this talk about Michael Jackson attending the Grammy’s but the show aired on TV and we never saw Jacko. So what happened?

Michael Jackson was supposed to be honored at the award show last week but rumor has it that he was such a diva with his demands that they pulled the plug on honoring him.

Some of his reported demands were as follows: He wanted a special honoree to introduce him on stage. He demanded a special award, something no one had or would ever receive again. He wanted the entire event dedicated to his career with no less than 30 mentions referring to him as the ‘King of Pop,’ The NY Post reports.

The Grammy’s people obviously weren’t having it, that’s why Michael probably stayed home instead. What do you guys think, should they have done all that for the ‘King of Pop’?