Michael's Death Being Treated as a Homicide

July 15, 2009 By:
Michael's Death Being Treated as a Homicide

There seems to be new revelations in the Michael Jackson case every day. Over the weekend Michael's sister LaToya claimed he has murdered, and now comes word that the LAPD are treating Michael's case as a homicide.

Several of Michael's physicians are under investigation, including Dr. Conrad Murray, who was with Michael at the time of his death. Murray is being questioned about the abnormally high dosages of medication he prescribed to Michael.

TMZ reports: “Law enforcement sources say there is already ‘plenty of powerful evidence’ linking Dr. Murray as the person who administered the drug to Jackson. The evidence includes various items found in Jackson's house, including the Propofol, an IV stand and oxygen tank.

“And we've learned the LAPD has had ‘multiple conversations’ with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, although the case has not been formally presented to the district attorney.”

Propofol is so strong, it's used to put patients to sleep before surgery. So why was Dr. Murray injecting Michael with it regularly?

Michael's dermatologist Dr. Klein is also at the center of the investigation because he would often prescribe Michael medication under alias names. Los Angeles County's chief coroner investigator Craig Harvey served a subpoena at the office of Dr. Klein to obtain medical records yesterday.

Who ever was responsible for over prescribing Michael, which ultimately led to his death, will have to face responsibility sooner or later. When the world loses a legend like Michael, people want answers!