Michael's Brother to Testify Against Memorabilia Tour

August 21, 2009 By:
Michael's Brother to Testify Against Memorabilia Tour

While it may seem like the Jackson family is enjoying all of the extra press they’re getting since Michael Jackson’s death, one family member would like to keep some of his brother’s life private.

Michael’s younger brother Randy is reportedly scheduled to testify in LA Superior Court today against the proposal by AEG of a memorabilia tour that will travel to three cities.

The tour would coincide with the Michael Jackson film being released in October.

Randy sides with his mother Katherine Jackson in that they do not want this tour to happen. Both Randy, an accountant, and possibly a lawyer will are those scheduled to appear in court today.

A judge wants to hear testimony about the proposed deal so that he can decide whether to give it his approval.

We wonder why he’s against a memorabilia tour, but not against the movie showing footage of Michael on his last days?