Michael Wanted to Buy Octomom's Babies

July 3, 2009 By:
Michael Wanted to Buy Octomom's Babies

This is just weird! A new report has come out claiming Michael Jackson wanted to buy Nadya Suleman’s octuplets. Just weeks before he died, Michael reportedly made a cash offer to the Octomom’s publicist Victor Munoz.

Munoz thought the proposal was “creepy,” and decided not to tell Nadya about it, because she’d never give up her babies anyway.

He tells the Daily Mirror, "When Michael called I thought it was a joke at first. I was getting hundreds of calls every day and many from celebrities' agents saying their clients wanted to help. But when the person on the end of the line said, 'Hi, it's Michael Jackson' I was a bit taken aback. Michael wanted to know how the babies were, how Nadya was coping.”

"He then said he could take care of the children if Nadya couldn't. It was creepy. He was basically offering to buy the children. I was a bit shocked... Michael clearly thought Nadya was unfit and decided he wanted to help those children... But I just blew it off. I knew Nadya would never want to get rid of her kids so it wasn't important."

This is crazy! Well good thing that deal never went through, or there would be 11 fatherless children waiting in limbo during this custody battle. We never thought we say this, but thank God Nadya kept those children!