Michael Used Alias Names to Get Prescription Drugs

July 2, 2009 By:
Michael Used Alias Names to Get Prescription Drugs

Michael Jackson had been prescribed so many toxic drugs in the past few months, the DEA is now helping LAPD investigate Michael's death and the doctors who prescribed the medications.

According to sources at TMZ, Jackson would get prescriptions filled under alias names like Omar Arnold and Jack London in order to keep his prescription drug use as private as possible.

One doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol, and the pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient's name blank!

LAPD and the DEA are now working together to track down the source of the medications. The federal agency will reportedly interview Jackson's string of doctors to try to discover how he was able to get hold of drugs including Demerol and morphine.

A spokesperson for the DEA says, "We routinely offer assistance to any agency regarding the Federal Controlled Substance act. However at this time we have nothing further to comment about the death of Michael Jackson."

So tragic! Do you think the doctors who prescribed the medications should be held responsible for his death? Tell us your thoughts!