Michael Rehearsed at Staples Center Night Before His Death

June 26, 2009 By:
Michael Rehearsed at Staples Center Night Before His Death

Many people are wondering what happened in the days leading up to Michael’s death. One thing we do know is that he had been gearing up for his huge comeback tour in London, and had been rehearsing vigorously.

According to CNN, Michael Jackson had been at a very popular LA landmark the night before his death—he was rehearsing at Staples Center, where the Lakers play.

Eyewitnesses tell Showbiz411 that the rehearsal was “the best show ever” and that Michael was thrilled about performing in his upcoming shows.

The source says he rehearsed for almost 6 hours in preparation for his upcoming performances, and was scheduled for another one at 7PM the day of his death.

Grammy executive producer Ken Ehrlich, who was present at the rehearsal, tells People, "He wasn't giving it full out. But vocally he had started to really project. I thought he was in great form."

One lucky fan had the opportunity to watch Michael practice at Staples Center earlier in the week. Her name hasn’t been released, but she did note Michael’s condition. She wrote in an email to other fans: “He is a skeleton. I have to say: He may die.”

This was Monday. Little did she know her prediction would come true for the King of Pop just three days later.