Michael Jackson's Son Prince to Testify

September 27, 2011 By:
Michael Jackson's Son Prince to Testify

As the manslaughter trial for Dr. Conrad Murray gets started, Michael Jackson’s son Prince is set to testify.

Prince witnessed the scene that took place in the bedroom where his father died. And while he doesn’t want to testify, he’s telling the Jackson family he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to get justice for his late father. According to TMZ, sources close to Prince say the 14 year-old is “nervous” and worried that when he’s called to the stand he might “mess up.”

So if Prince is called to the stand, Katherine Jackson plans to ask her lawyers to request that the entire room be cleared during her grandson’s testimony. While Judge Michael Pastor will probably not allow the cameras on Prince, the chances of him clearing the courtroom aren’t likely.

So why is Prince on the witness list, and more importantly, why did he have to witness his father’s death? Apparently Dr. Murray called Prince into the room for help during the emergency, and when MJ’s son entered the room, he burst into tears.

An insider told FOX411:

“Dr. Murray summoned Prince to the room when MJ died. Why he did it, is still a question. But, that's what Prince will talk about,” added our source. “Seeing his dad apparently dead on that bed [was incredibly difficult for a child.]”

The source continued:

“Prince has already been prepped to take the stand and he’s anxious to do so. The family, including the children, wants Murray to pay. This means a lot to them.”

The trial begins on Tuesday and will supposedly reveal new information and a provide a detailed record of Jackson’s final moments. It’s the first time the public will hear Dr. Conrad Murray’s account of what happened in that bedroom.

On Monday, however, a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office said they’re not aware that Prince will be testifying.
A recording of Dr. Murray’s interview with police will also be played by prosecutors. The interview took place two days after Jackson’s death, when Murray admitted that he gave the singer the anesthetic propofol as a sleeping aid. The admission caused Murray to be charged in February 2010, and ever since, the trial has been in preparation stages.

If convicted, Murray faces a four-year prison term and will lose his medical license. His license has already been suspended pending the outcome of the trial.