Michael Jackson's Kids to Be Homeschooled

September 9, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Kids to Be Homeschooled

Katherine Jackson had her mind set on sending Michael Jackson kids to a swanky private school in LA, but luckily she's changed her mind.

Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince were all going to be enrolled at the Buckley School, where Tito's three kids attended, but according to TMZ, the family decided it would be better for them to continue to be homeschooled.

The family decided that they should keep everything as "normal" as possible for the kids, which includes rehiring all the same tutors that they've been learning from all along.

The only difference is that the kids now live at the Jackson family home in Encino, not Michael's place in Holmby Hills.

According to TMZ, "the family is building a school yard, complete with a volleyball court, so the kids can enjoy P.E. time. The kids will also go on field trips and have a designated 'lunch hour' in between classes."

We're pretty sure Katherine had a big say in this decision. Her and Janet seem to be the only ones who care about the kids. The other Jackson’s are all concerned about their reality show and how much more press they can milk from Michael's death.