Michael Jackson's Kids Have No Friends

June 21, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson's Kids Have No Friends

One would think that being Michael Jackson's kids would make you the most popular kid on the block, but according to Michael's mother Katherine, his three kids, Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12, and eight-year-old Prince Michael II, known as Blanket have no friends at all.

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Katherine admits that Michael's children have been home schooled their entire lives and have never had the chance to socialize with other kids.

Katherine told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home - but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private [school]. But they have their cousins and aunts and uncles around them constantly, and that's helped them immensely."

She added, "To them, it's normal, it's the life they have known. They have a certain time to go to bed, then they get up and get dressed for lessons. They practice karate and swim, which they love.”

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This week marks the one year anniversary of Michael's death and Katherine admits that of his three children, Paris reminds her of Michael the most.

She said, "Paris has that lovely way, just like him, and I see his talent in her. Whatever she does, she is very good at it. She's a good artist, she plays the piano and she wants to be an actress. Prince is serious about a lot of things. He wants to be a cameraman or produce movies. He is dedicated to that, like Michael was. And Blanket is very playful, like Michael was."

Michael's memorial ground will be open to the public for the first time ever this coming Friday, June 25th at Forest Lawn Memorial park in Glendale, CA., so if you're in the area, stop by. You'll always be missed Michael!