Michael Jackson's Hair to be Turned into Diamonds

July 27, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Hair to be Turned into Diamonds

Michael Jackson’s hair is going to be turned into diamonds! A couple of weeks ago, video surfaced of an accident that occurred on stage while Michael was shooting a Pepsi commercial. Some of his hair was burned in the accident, and the commercial producer Ralph Cohen used his own jacket to help put out the fire. In the process, he collected pieces of Michael’s hair.

Cohen eventually sold the locks of hair, along with the jacket, to a collector named John Reznikoff, who is now selling the hair to LifeGem, a company that specializes into turning hair into diamonds.

Dean VandenBiesen, founder of LifeGem, said in a statement, "LifeGem specializes in creating diamonds from locks of hair. Our plan is to give people an opportunity to own a diamond made from Michael Jackson's DNA. We are currently evaluating the hair sample to determine how many diamonds can be created. This will be a limited collection and we anticipate great interest."

This isn’t the first time Renzikoff and LifeGem have worked together—in 2007, they created a collection of diamonds from Beethoven's hair.

Guess this Reznikoff guy has a bit of a hair fetish! He owns a large collection of celebrity hair, including pieces from Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Marilyn Monroe.

Would you buy a diamond created from Michael Jackson’s DNA?