Michael Jackson's Graveside Vandalized

July 13, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson's Graveside Vandalized

Poor Michael Jackson, even in the afterlife he can't seem to get some peace and quiet.

A group of random MJ fans vandalized his gravesite over the weekend by writing messages with a permanent marker.

Some of the messages include, "Miss you sweet angel" and "Keep the dream alive."

And thanks to the inconsiderate fans, security has been beefed up around his memorial site.

A rep for the site tells TMZ, "Activity such as this is a prime example why we are evaluating the level of access to the various entrances of the Great Mausoleum."

It sucks that a few people ruined access to MJ's site for everyone else. They could have easily left their messages on a note instead of vandalizing his gravesite.

And some of them were stupid enough to sign it with their full name! So inconsiderate and rude!