Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Wants Custody of Blanket

April 18, 2012 By:
Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Wants Custody of Blanket

This headline confused me for a long time, and then I remembered that Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael II goes by the name Blanket. And this is why you name your kids normal things, so in the off chance they become famous, the tabloid headlines are not so confusing!

Anyways, here’s the story. Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims he provided the sperm donation that resulted in Blanket's birth.

Michael Jackson once sang, “The kid is not my son,” and according to Matt - yeah, he’s really not.

In a recent interview, Matt says he remembers the day he learned that Michael’s son was actually his son. “I sat there and asked the question: ‘Is Blanket my child?’ [Michael] said: ‘He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him.’”

Now, Matt is asking for some kind of joint custody of the kid, or at least visiting rights but says that the Jackson family wont respond to him and is blocking all access to Blanket.

“All I want is access if he’s my child, to take him out, and spend more time together,” says Matt, “My mum is dying of cancer. I want her to see Blanket more than anything.”

Matt insists on providing a DNA sample to prove his claim that he’s Blanket's father.

Blanket does look A LOT like Matt Fiddes and Matt insists he’s not just trying to get a chunk of the Jackson empire.

However, Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson has sole custody of the kids and she reportedly refuses to let anyone get access to them, even if that person may quite possibly be Blanket’s biological dad.

Calls to Katherine Jackson's lawyer for comment have not been returned.