Michael Jackson's Former Attorney Weighs in on Conrad Murray Verdict

November 8, 2011 By:
Michael Jackson's Former Attorney Weighs in on Conrad Murray Verdict

Yesterday Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson who died of Propofol intoxication in June 2009.

Attorney Mark Geragos, represented Michael Jackson in 2004 during the People vs. Jackson case and we had to wonder what the former lawyer of Michael Jackson thought of Conrad Murray’s guilty verdict.

Murray is to stay in jail before his next court date on November 29, 2011 for sentencing, but Geragos thinks Murray wont stop fighting this verdict.

“He could appeal his case,” Geragos tells Hollyscoop. “My guess is that he will appeal this case-but that doesn’t mean that he won’t do jail time in the interim.”

It’s been said that he’ll spend four years max in prison, maybe even less than that due to prison overcrowding.

“It’s very likely that he will be sentenced to 4 years, the max he will do is 2 and its up to the sheriff to decide if he does it in jail or get out on a monitor,” says Geragos.

He’s referring to the fact that Conrad Murray may do two years in jail and two years on house arrest because of budget cuts and prison overcrowding. Basically, Murray may get the “Lindsay Lohan Treatment” during sentencing.

“Very good chance that he could just get house arrest under the new system that we have here in California. It is very possible,” speculates Geragos.

While Murray waits for his sentence later this month, he is going to be in jail and will be labeled as a “keep away inmate.” This means that the general prison population will probably attempt to harm or attack Murray because of his high profile and celebrity status. Therefore, jail officials will take special precautions to keep him safe and he will have a single cell.

He will also not be allowed to mingle with other inmates and will have an escort when he needs to use the showers or any other public area of the prison.

When we asked for Geragos personal opinion on the trial’s outcome, he said he was still undecided. Having represented Michael Jackson in the past, he obviously has ties to the Jackson family, including his children but he also says that he has Attorney friends on the Conrad Murray defense team that he supports, leaving him at a loss for how to feel about the verdict.

We also wanted to get the rundown regarding the jurors. Can they talk about the case? Will they run to the tabloids and try to cash in on their insider knowledge?

According to Geragos, “Under California law, jurors can not make any money off a trial for 90 days – I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them DIDN’T make any money.”

This means that the jurors can talk about the case to anyone, now that the verdict is reached, but if they think they will get paid for their story, they can’t accept any payment for 90 days. That’s three months, by that time the public probably wont care about the case anymore anyways.