Michael Jackson's FBI Files Released

December 22, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's FBI Files Released

The FBI has just released its Michael Jackson papers. 333 pages total were released, which were divided into seven files.

The papers details the agency's investigation of a man who threatened to kill Michael as well as his child molestation cases (1993-94 and again in 2004-05).

The files are available on the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy website, but here is a quick rundown of what they contain:

The first file—9A-LA-142276—was opened by the Los Angeles FBI office when it was asked to lead a federal case against a California man already under arrest for sending numerous threatening letters.

The second and third files—62D-LA-162715 and 62D-LO-11779—involve the Bureau’s support of local law enforcement. In 1993, the Los Angeles and the Santa Barbara Police departments formed a task force to investigate an allegation that Jackson had molested a young boy.

The fourth file—95A-HQ-1148159—concerns a 1995 request by a U.S. Customs agent in Florida that the Bureau examine a VHS videotape connected with Jackson to see if it contained child pornography.

In 2003, Jackson was charged by the state of California with molestation and other counts. The final three files—62D-LA-236081, 252B-IR-6808, and 305B-LA-239205—detail the Bureau’s support to local law enforcement during the ensuing investigation

Check out fbi.gov to read the full documents!