Michael Jackson's Doctor in Trouble with IRS

August 3, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Doctor in Trouble with IRS

Michael Jackson personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is not only under investigation for manslaughter, he's also in trouble with the IRS.

Murray's Las Vegas home, which he purchased for $1.1 million dollars five years ago, is facing foreclosure. The property has a tax lien filed in California's Sacramento County Court.

According to the filed documents, which were filed five days before Michael's death, Murray owes $21,728 in back taxes.

This is the same property that was raided by the Drug Enforcement Administration on July 28th, a week after Los Angeles District Attorney officials confirmed they're considering a manslaughter charge against him.

Michael was paying Murray $150,000 a month before he died suddenly June 25, but it apparently wasn't enough because not only has he not paid his taxes, he stopped paying for his mortgage too. He has fallen behind more than $100,000 since his last payment in January and could lose the house by November, officials said.

Meanwhile, a storage unit rented by Murray was searched by police as part of an investigation relating to Michael's death because on the day of his death, two women reportedly moved two boxes out of Murray’s storage unit.

This guy is in so much trouble with the law, the word "trouble" doesn't even cut it anymore! It seems like there's a new story and investigation launched against him every day. He's being blamed for Michael's death, so clearly feds and his fans want answers and they want him to pay for what he did to Michael.