Michael Jackson's Doctor: I Gave Him Demerol

July 9, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Doctor: I Gave Him Demerol

Michael Jackson's longtime doctor and friend Dr. Arnie Klein admits to giving him Demerol, the powerful painkiller Michael was reportedly addicted to.

During an interview with CNN's Larry King on Wednesday night, Klein says he only gave Michael Demerol "on occasion" to sedate him. Adding that it was the "strongest medicine" he'd ever used on him.

He added, "Michael, at one time, had an addiction. And he went to England and he withdrew that addiction at a secure setting, where he went off of drugs altogether. And what I told Michael when I met him in this present situation when I was seeing him, that I had to keep reducing the dosage of what he was on, because he came to me with a huge tolerance level."

When Larry King asked Klein if he was aware of Michael using Diprivan, which was found in Jackson's house when he died, Klein said:

"I knew at one point that he was using Diprivan when he was on tour in Germany. And so he was using it, with an anesthesiologist, to go to sleep at night. And I told him he was absolutely insane. I said you have to understand that this drug, you can't repeatedly take."

Switching gears, Larry asked Klein to clarify rumors that he's the biological father of Michael's children, but he didn't really get a clear answer.

"I'm not going to answer it the way you want me to answer it," said Klein, to which Larry responded, "Well, you can say no." Klein then said, "I can say no, then. I will say no if that's what you want to hear."

Klein then added, "What I will tell you is I think what's most important thing about this whole thing, to end this thing, is that the most important thing in who the father is ... who the children want their father to be. And I will tell you this, I will say no, because the most important person to these children is how Michael loved them and how he loved his children and how they loved him. ... I still can't answer it absolutely one way or another."

Sounds like this guy is trying really hard to keep some of Michael's secrets hidden in the closet. In a way, we commend him for not outing Michael if he really is the biological father.

He reportedly promised Michael he would never reveal himself as the biological father, and now that Michael has passed, its best that his children aren't exposed to stories like this. They only knew Michael as their father, and that’s how it should remain. What are your thoughts?

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