Michael Jackson's Doctor Hiding Files from Police

July 24, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Doctor Hiding Files from Police

Michael Jackson's doctor Dr. Conrad Murray is in hot water and he knows it. Not only is he under investigation for manslaughter, he's reportedly been hiding boxes of medical files from authorities.

Here's how it all went down; the day Michael passed away, before Dr. Murray called the ambulance, he asked one of his employees to remove boxes of medical files from his Houston office.

Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21PM and told them he had discovered Michael's body half an hour earlier. But three hours before that call, at exactly 9:22 AM, he called his employee and asked that the files be cleared out.

"We're told by the storage facility manager the women who picked up 3 to 5 boxes became nervous when the manager began questioning them about why they were there," reports TMZ.

This investigation gets more scandalous as the days go by. The Jackson family has suspected foul play since Michael passed. Clearly Dr. Murray is guilty of over prescribing Michael, and authorities want answers!