Michael Jackson's Death Changed to Homicide

January 11, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson's Death Changed to Homicide

Michael Jackson’s death certificate has officially been ruled a murder. Over six months since the King of Pop’s passing, the LA County Coroner has changed Jackson’s cause of death to a homicide, listing it now as "acute propofol intoxication" and "intravenous injection by another."

Back on July 7th, the coroner refused to release a cause of death. However after further investigations, the certificate has now been amended and re-released.

A source tells the Daily Mail that the Jackson family are “keeping faith with the police. The family says, “We still feel that there is more than one person responsible for Michael's tragic death. Joe won't give up on getting justice for his son and a lawsuit is his focus.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Conrad Murray is expected to be charged with manslaughter for his “gross negligence” during Michael’s final hours. But Conrad’s lawyer Ed Chernoff responded Friday saying, "We have refused to comment on stories involving unnamed sources and will continue to do so. However, we can confirm that we have not received notice of an impaneled grand jury and Dr. Murray has not been invited to testify."

To prove Conrad is guilty of involuntary manslaughter, authorities must show there was a reckless action that created a risk of death or great bodily injury. We can’t even imagine how long of a trail this will be.