Michael Jackson's Close Friend Reveals All

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Michael Jackson's Close Friend Reveals All

Very few people knew the real Michael Jackson. The shy superstar remained a mystery to everyone around him, except the people he spent his days with. Michael's three children and his staff perhaps knew Michael better than anyone else in the entire world. And now that he's passed, they're coming forward to talk about the Michael we never knew.

Michael Jackson's long time friend Mike Seropian, who had worked with Michael's personal transportation company, MLSlimo.com, is speaking to Hollyscoop exclusively about the Michael most people never knew. Seropian worked closely with Michael for over 15 years and recalls him being a “Very nice and calm guy,” but the superstar everyone grew to love was also very lonely.

"He wanted to get married," says Seropian. Michael knew Seropian was well connected in Arabic countries, and recalls a time back in 1999 when Michael asked him to help him find a wife. "Can you hook me up so I can get married?" Michael asked Seropian.

Michael had hopes of getting married for as long as Seropian can recall. He even asked to be introduced to the daughter the Prince of Brunei. “He always wanted to create a family," says Seropian. He wanted to "start up a family. He had his kids during this time, so he probably wanted them to have a mother in their lives."

In regards to his relationship with his three children, Seropian recalls Michael being an excellent father. “He was a very good father…whatever he was, he was for his kids. He wanted to be the father his father never was for him.”

He continued, "He used to hold their hands and walk them everywhere. He would give them extra care and make sure they were alright. If the kids weren’t feeling well, Michael would be uncomfortable all day and night.” Seropian added that Michael's "kids were normal. They were very proper. They were very well spoken. They were very disciplined and weren't spoiled."

In regards to recent reports that Michael was secretly dating his children's nanny Grace, Seropian said he couldn’t confirm if the two had a relationship together; however, he did add that Grace and Michael “were very close. Sometimes he would tell Grace that he’s going take her to Europe and take her around [with him]. He was very close with her, but I don’t know if they were intimate or not,” Seropian tells Hollyscoop.

Grace certainly played a huge role in Michael's children's lives though.
She “was not only a nanny but she was a teacher for the kids. She was teaching them math, English…grammar and etc.” The day of Michael Jackson’s death, Seropian called Grace to give her his condolences; however, she was too distraught to speak on the phone. She was in Europe at the time of his death.

Michael's relationship with his father had always been strained, but he loved his mother Katherine very dearly. Seropian recalls a time when him and Michael were in his Range Rover driving around Neverland. "Michael told me, 'do you see that mountain? I named that mountain after my mom'. There were two or three mountains on his ranch and he dedicated one to his mother because he loved her so much."

Which is why Seropian wasn't the least bit surprised that Michael had named Katherine as guardian of his children in his will. “She is their Grandma, she knows how important it is for Michael Jackson [that they're well taken care of]. That’s why she's gonna take care of the children as much as she can.”

In regards to his own family, Seropian said he had a good relationship with his sister but wasn’t that close with his brothers. There were some family issues with Jermaine Jackson and his brothers, “weird situations,” as he described it.

Seropian worked closely with Michael for 15 years but he says he never witnessed him take any kind of prescription medication. "Michael was a normal human being, he did things normal people did. He loved Mexican food and liked to dine at his favorite restaurant El Chollo in Los Angeles."

Looking back on his friend’s life, Seropian recalls how close Michael was to Elizabeth Taylor. He says he would drive them to the movies in his Rolls Royce and on one occasion they all drank Louis XIV together.

Seropian's kids were huge fans of Michael Jackson, so one day Michael paid a special visit to Seropian at his home and brought gifts for his children. "He was always caring towards others, he was always thinking about other people."

Seropian and Michael parted ways in 2001 when Michael began to change his circle. Although Seropian was no longer on payroll, he remained good friends with Michael. He added that they had a "great relationship," so there are things that he knows about Michael that no one else in the world can possibly know, but those things, he said, he'll "take to the grave out of respect to the King of Pop."