Michael Jackson's Burial Place Still Unknown

July 7, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Burial Place Still Unknown

The final resting place for Michael Jackson is still unknown at this time. After his memorial at Staples Center, Jackson’s casket, adorned with red roses, was taken to an ambulance, which was accompanied by a Hummer. But the destination is unknown at this point.

The Jackson family went to the Beverly Wilshire after the memorial, since going back to their Encino home was probably out of the question with the amount of fans who have gathered there.

LAPD said today that there won’t be a motorcade back to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where the private funeral was held earlier today.

There has been speculation that Neverland Ranch is in the running as Michael’s final resting place. But William Boyer, communications director for Santa Barbara County, "We have not been contacted by the Jackson family or any of their representatives about a burial or a funeral service at the Neverland Ranch."

"Because this would be on private property they would actually have to go to the state department of consumer affairs. We would know about it because part of the permitting process is the state goes through a checklist of things they would need to do...local jurisdiction would have to be asked. We have not received any contact from the state."

Where do you think Michael Jackson should be buried? At Forest Lawn amongst so many other late celebrities, or at his former home Neverland?