Michael Jackson's Autopsy Report Delayed Again

July 30, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's Autopsy Report Delayed Again

Michael Jackson's autopsy reports have been delayed yet again and won't be released until next week.

Citing Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, the Associated Press reports that although the results were expected to be released this week, they are likely going to come in sometime next week, but he didn't mention why the reports are delayed again.

Meanwhile, the manslaughter investigation involving Michael's personal physician Dr. Murray is still in full swing.

On Monday, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press that investigators believe Dr. Murray gave Michael a fatal dose of Propofol just hours before his death.

On Tuesday, police searched the Las Vegas home and offices of Dr. Murray looking for Jackson's medical records, seized mobile phones and a computer hard drive.

The warrants issued Tuesday by law enforcement officials followed a similar raid at Murray’s Houston office last week. Murray is under fire for reportedly hiding boxes of Michael's medical files.

Just hours before the ambulance was called to Michael's home on the day of his death, Dr. Murray allegedly called an employee of his to clear out 3-5 boxes of files from his Houston office, the same office that was raided on Monday.

This investigation gets more scandalous as the days go by. The Jackson family has suspected foul play since Michael passed. Clearly Dr. Murray is guilty of over prescribing Michael, and authorities want answers!