Michael Jackson's Autopsy Not Suitable for TV

December 31, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson's Autopsy Not Suitable for TV

Seeing a reenactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy just isn't cool with too many people--especially MJ's estate.

According to TMZ, Jackson's estate threatened to sue Discovery Network, which planned to air the reenactment special in the UK.

Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Special: Cool or Creepy?

A rep for the network said in a statement, "Given the commencement of legal proceedings beginning next week, and at the request of Michael Jackson's estate, the scheduled broadcast of the medical documentary related to Michael Jackson's official autopsy has been postponed indefinitely."

Michael's executors got all nasty with Discovery, saying the show was in "shockingly bad taste ... motivated solely by your blind desire to exploit Michael's death."

Just a tad of an overreaction if you ask me. More like, they just wish they had thought of it first.

That special would have been a ratings monster!