Michael Jackson's 911 Call Released

June 26, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson's 911 Call Released

The 911 emergency call from Michael Jackson's death was just released.

The caller, who never stated that he was calling for Michael Jackson, tells the 911 operator, "We have a gentlemen here that needs help and he's not breathing. We're trying to pump him but he's not breathing."

When asked to go into further detail, the caller added, "He's not conscious...he's on the bed...we have a personal doctor here with him, but he's not responding to anything. Not CPR, he's not responding to anything."

When asked if anyone witnessed what happened the caller said, "Doctor did you see what happened?" and he came back on the phone and said "if you could please...he's pumping and pumping and he's not responding to anything."

The operator assured the caller that the paramedics were already on their way, but judging from the call, Michael may have already passed away at that point.

We also hear that Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who was with Michael at the time of his death, has resurfaced and is now talking to LAPD.

More details coming soon...but in the meanwhile, check out the 911 call below...